Active Directory Server Installation Checklist

Thought of shar­ing a check­list which could be fol­lowed while installing a domain con­troller (AD server). I have cre­ated and fol­lowed this while pro­mot­ing domain con­trollers in my test environment.

Sr Require­ment Detail (Rec­om­mended minimum) Sta­tus
1 Hard­ware configuration Proces­sor Server Class
Net­work 100 MBPS
2 Disk require­ments 40 GB
3 Oper­at­ing System Ver­sion Server 2003 R2 Std
Host­name Fol­low nam­ing convention
Time and Zone Proper Zone and Time is a must
C Drive 20 GB
D Drive 20 GB
i386 folder Copy to D Drive as install media may not be avail­able all the time
4 Anti Virus Lat­est Update
5 Sta­tic IP Assign a sta­tic IP
6 DNS Con­fig Con­fig­ure DNS IP of the domain you want join
7 Ports and Firewall Make sure that the required ports are open
8 DNS ser­vice Just install but do not configure
9 Enable Remote access Enable remote access
10 Oth­ers Sup­port Tools Install
Log Parser Install
GPMC Install
Multi NIC Dis­able mul­ti­ple NICs



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