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21.3. Application Verification States With Dump


  • You need a core dump file and an SOS report
  • GDB and elfutils are installed on his system


  1. To identify the executable that failed completely, run the eu-unstrip command on the main dump file:

    $eu-unstrip -n --core=./core.98140x400000+0x207000 [email protected] /usr/bin/sleep /usr/lib/debug/bin/sleep.debug [exe]0x7fff26fff000+0x1000 [email protected]! [email protected] /usr/lib64/ /usr/lib/debug/lib64/ /usr/lib/debug/lib64/ ldx-282->The output includes information about each individual module on a separate line in the schema. The information is listed in this valuable order:

    1. Memory address where the module was mapped
    2. The assembly ID of the module and where it was found in memory
    3. Filename of the executable module, displayed as - if unknown, or as . if the course was not loaded from a file
    4. Source of debug information, displayed under a different filename if available, as .When is included in the executable itself and/or as -only when
    5. Shared library name (soname) or [exe] due to main module

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