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  • Topic: How To Set Up Juniper Network VPN Connection In Ubuntu Dapper

    Can anyone explain to me in detail how to get this particular feature to work in a clean 64 bit animated setup?

    TY. Buelmann

    Edit: I’m too far here:
    – ia32-java-6-sun installed
    – Opera is installed as Epiphany Firefox and items in .juniper_networks are not dl. With Opera, I understood the contents of this incomprehensible folder.
    – I tried to start ncui with Opera as well as with the VPN web interface which I am ver I would like to use it. A popup will appear where Get has requested my root pass. I pressed “Enter”. The conversation fades but does not start
    – I tried the initial subject scenario. All I have is:
    “Failed to unpack Juniper Network Connect!
    Check the error log file “/tmp/junipernc.10976” for new information. “
    The entry says: I:
    “Run ./junipernc
    ./junipernc: 228: jar: found “

    So what am I collecting wrong?

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  • Topic: Configuring Juniper Network Connect VPN In Ubuntu Dapper

    Originally posted by dsmex


    Have you practically looked at the HTML source for the login page?

    On my Juniper login page, I found the following:

    elusiva everywhere error

    Find the name = “realm” assignment in the HTML code. This has to be fixed at random. The parameter value is the domain alias. (This is the NAME OF THE KINGDOM)

    elusiva everywhere error

    I am also using 64 bit U basketbuntu 9.04. I’m trying to create a Juniper Java applet (not a wrapper with a browser) but can’t connect.

    I’m not sure if this is my setup or if I’m just using the wrong connection constraints. And … unfortunately, I’m afraid the company’s IT people have no idea.

    It helped. I show myself connected, existing and …. awesome. Now I can type directly to school computers from my laptop.

    Thank you full dsmex.

  • Topic: How To Set Up Juniper Network Connect On Ubuntu Dapper Vpn

    Much to my shock (and disappointment), I was unable to properly handle the Juniper Network Connect client on April 9th, although I successfully used the game on June 6th, October 7th, and April 8th.

    To be complete, I am using a new method:


     $ sudo Skills install sun-java6-bin$ sudo aptitude install sun-java6-pluginInstall $ sudo capabilities sudo sun-java6-jre$ aptitude you can install libmotif3$ sudo dpkg -i libstdc ++ 2.10-glibc2.2_2.95.4-24_i386.deb(libstdc ++ 2.10-glibc2.2_2.95.4-24_i386.deb is the platform originally shipped with 7.10)$ sudo ln -ersus /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/$ sudo ln -s / usr / lib / /usr/lib/$ sudo ldconfigsudo passwd root (to enable root reason account for first client installation) 

    Although already mentioned, it works great on 6.06, 7.10 and 8.04.

    In 9.04, it works to the point that after connecting to each SSL VPN gateway with Firefox and the Start Network Connection slider, a Java applet is launched, the Network Connection Client connects, establishes an important connection and gets the assigned VPN IP address (confirmed by the presence of this interface tun0 with t



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